Favourite Things: 2017 Bucket List

Happy 2017!!! With a new year, comes new resolutions, but for this chica, I’m going with a bucket list instead. It’s one thing to resolve to do something, but it’s another to be able to check it off a bucket list. In another blog post entitled This is 30, I made a list of things I want to accomplish during my 30s. But let’s be real, it’s a hell of a lot easier to complete a bucket list if it’s bite-sized.

So, without any further ado, here’s my “2017 Bucket List”!

1. Lose 70 pounds. By continuing to swim and changing my eating habits/lifestyle to a more active and healthy one, I know I’ll be able to achieve and maintain this goal.

2. Embrace my feminine side. I absolutely, 100 per cent suck at all things girly. I swear too much (this will not change!), I can’t do my makeup properly, my hair is a mess, and my fashion sense is…well…ummm…leaves a fair bit to be desired. So, with the help of Pinterest and some amazing friends, I’m going to try to embrace this side of me while maintaining my sailor-like mouth. Muahahahaha….You can’t change this bitch that much.

3. Get another tattoo. This will happen! I will book the appointment and I will get my third tattoo! The only question that remains is, what will the tattoo be? I talk about my ideas in my “Let’s Talk About Ink…” post, so hopefully I’ll have this figured out by the time I make my appointment. I’m thinking mid-February.

4. Welcome another member to the family. OK, first of all, I do not mean a baby. Please, we still don’t feel mature enough to raise another human, but we do feel like we are ready to add another puppy to the family. As some of you know, Agnes will be bred in late summer/early fall of 2017 and we plan on keeping one of the pups. We are so excited about this that we already have a name picked out for her. She shall follow her mother’s namesake and be named after the middle daughter from Despicable Me; her name will be Edith! I won’t lie, I’ve already bought a couple of ornaments for her. No shame here, I’m that damn excited.

5. Create my own company. Thanks to my wonderfully supportive husband, I’ll be launching my own company at the end of January. This is a huuuge step for me and I can’t wait to get this bad boy off the ground.
Sure, there are other things I hope come to fruition in 2017, but these are definitely my Top Five. What about you? What are your goals, aspirations and dreams for the new year? Share them in the comments.

Happy New Year From I love you like a…

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