She’s Two!

I can’t believe that Agnes turns two years old today! I continue to shed tears here and there about the fact she’s getting older, even though I fully understand this is a natural part of life. She’s a bundle of love, joy and silliness. Over the past year, this crazy ball of fluff has not only begun to calm down (a little bit), but she’s become so affectionate.img_5532

So with all that said, I thought I would do something that I’ve seen some of my mom friends do with their babies. So, here’s a list of Agnes’ likes and traits that she’s developed over the last year:

  • She’s mastered the ways of the soccer ball. Most dogs will push a ball with their nose, Agnes, on the other hand, will “paw handle” it.
  • Puppucinnos are everything! This dog and her whipped cream. She goes absolutely crazy for them. Thanks, Starbucks!
  • The 22nd of the every month is her favourite date. Every month, on the 22nd day, or around that day should it fall on a weekend, Agnes’ BarkBox arrives. She always seems to know the day it arrives, and is on her best behaviour.
  • She likes dressing up. I love to dress this little lady up in Halloween costumes and, to my husband’s surprise, she loves it! She sits all pretty and allows me to just go with it. I think my favourite look is her dressed as Sherlock Holmes. See…



That’s it for now. Until next time…

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