Four different models in various lingerie, with a photo of me in the middle in my bra set during my boudoir shoot

Looking Sexy This Valentine’s Day

If you’ve watched Mean Girls, you know most likely know the quote, “How many of you feel personally victimized by Regina George?”

For the longest time, I would replace the name Regina George with magazines and the media. Why do you ask? Let me explain. I’ve always been a curvy lady. Even at my lightest weight, I had big boobs and booty. It is what it is. But while I was growing up, that wasn’t what society, or the mainstream media, really focused on as a positive. For the most part, it was downright negative. And while we’ve come leaps and bounds from that time in embracing our bodies, no matter the size, those negative connotations related to my body type still played a huge role in my life. That is, until now, well recently.

I’ve learned to embrace my curves, no matter what my weight, and have found confidence in the concept of me in lingerie. Yes, this mostly came from prepping for my boudoir shoot, but honestly, it was so much fun to find sexy attire for the shoot and myself. Does my husband get to enjoy my confidence in them too? Of course! But that’s not what this blog is about.

I’ve actually had A LOT of you ladies reach out to me with questions about where I got the lingerie I wore for my photoshoot. So I thought I’d take the time to share my go-to shops for lingerie shopping, especially as a curvy girl. And there’s no better time than just before Valentine’s Day, where you can surprise your significant other by showing off your sexy side!

La Vie En Rose

Until my photoshoot, I’ll be honest; I stayed away from La Vie En Rose because I thought I was “too big” for them. Too big in the bust, too big in the hips, just too big. But my goodness, was I wrong! First of all, they now offer sizes from S to XXL in the pyjamas, lingerie and underwear. And when it comes to bras, their sizes range from 32DD through to 42E.

Me, in green lingerie, laying on the floor and arching my back.

So aside from now being obsessed with their pyjamas, which are ridiculously comfy by the way, La Vie En Rose is my go-to place for shopping teddies. They have new ones on their website all the time, and I actually bought the teddy from my photoshoot from there (as shown above).

And while they no longer sell the one I used in the shoot, they have many really pretty black and pinks ones available now. Check out my current favourites.

Lace and Mesh Push-up Teddy

Frilly, pretty and sexy all rolled into one! This pink and black lace teddy is everything and will definitely make your partner swoon this Valentine’s Day.

This pink and black lace and mesh push-up teddy is sexy, sweet and everything in between. Not to mention that there is also an emerald green version that’s available too.

This is perfect if you’re looking for something sexy while still being modest. The push-up bra and the high cuts on the thigh will help emphasize all of your glorious curves.

I, personally, love the moulded foam cups and lace details. Like my other teddies from La Vie En Rose, this one is ridiculously comfortable and highly recommended.

Lace and Swiss Dot Mesh High Neck Teddy

Modesty can be very sexy, as proven by this stunning high neck teddy.

Let’s talk about this beautiful lace and Swiss dot mesh high neck teddy, shall we? It’s absolutely gorgeous.

While it may be more modest than the last teddy mentioned, this one still has that sexiness to it. I love, love, love the high neckline and the back to this teddy. It’s sexy without being overtly in your face sexy.

This is definitely on my wish list!

Got Curves

My bra sets from my boudoir shoot.

What about bra set ensembles, you ask? That’s where came into my life. Both of my bra sets came from here. This Canadian website focuses on lingerie products for, well, curvy women. They have some beautiful pieces on their website, including teddies and some kinkier affair, but it was their two-piece outfits that sold me! I mean, look at the beading and design of the pink and black lingerie (you can get the Estrella set on their website); bestill my beating heart!

And that silvery-blue number, also available on their site right now, made me feel like a damn model! Another perk about this site is, while it may seem pricey, they always have amazing sales. I didn’t pay full price for any of the outfits I purchased.

So what about this Valentine’s day? What do I recommend?

Striped Mesh Bra Set

Always bet on a black bra set to win over your partner’s heart.

This sexy striped mesh bra set emphasizes all your best assets while hiding some of your trouble spots. And if you’re like me, you want to hide your tummy pooch as much as possible.

I really like the stripe accent on the bra as well as the low cut. Having a larger bust, this type of style helps emphasize my bosom that much more.

This may be in my cart already, and I think it should be in yours, too, to help add that little bit of sexiness to your Valentine’s Day plans! Oh, I totally forgot to mention that it’s available in black and maroon.

Celeste Bra Set

Sexy and sophisticated, just the way I like it!

Maybe this reminds me of my pink and black number, but I absolutely LOVE the lace detail in the bra and panties. Plus, the mesh on the undies adds a little bit of a peek-a-boo effect. Scandalous!

I also like the underwire in the bra. I know a lot of you are thinking I’m crazy for liking that, but having bigger boobs requires having additional support. And let me tell you, that underwear is a lifesaver for me.

Again, this is a must-add to cart for Valentine’s Day!

What are your favourite shops and outfits?

While I could go on and on about how much I love these outlets, I want to hear from you! What are your go-to sexy outfits? Are you planning on spicing up your Valentine’s Day wardrobe? If so, what are your favourite shops? I’d love to know and add a few new shops to my list!

Until next time…

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