Bullet Journal Inspiration

Anyone who knows me can speak to the fact that I have an obsession with agendas, journals and all things stationery, to a point where I squeal when I see the latest Post-it Note creations or fabulous markers and pens at Michaels. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m very, VERY tempted to dive into the beautiful world of bullet journaling. Here’s the thing, however, I’m intimidated by it. Not so much around all the planning and organizing that goes into it, but I lack the artist’s touch to make it look pretty. And, for someone who is soon-to-be 31, I don’t think a bullet journal filled with Sandy Lion stickers (are those still a thing?) is appropriate. So I’ve turned to the best place for inspiration to help me take the jump – Instagram!

I mean, have you ever searched bullet journaling on Instagram? It’s a visual orgasm of stunning pages that track habits, important dates, food, basically EVERYTHING!!! So I thought I would share my five favourite bullet journal Instagram accounts so that you could see the beauty and, maybe, inspire others to take the plunge with me into this tedious, yet super fun and pretty way of organizing one’s life.

In no particular order, my Top 5 picks are:

  1. #PlanWithMeChallenge
  2. BulletJournalCollection
  3. Bulletjournal.Ideas
  4. Journalspiration
  5. Bu.Joos


So what do you think? Is bullet journaling for you? Let me know in the comments! If it is something you have been doing for a while now, how did you get started? I think once I sit down and plan it out, I’ll be all for it, but I’m a little weary about it. So any tips or tricks are definitely welcome.

Until next time!

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