She’s just too cute!

Have you ever been so in love with someone/thing that you just want to tell the world anyway you can? Well, that’s what I’m like with Agnes. I have pictures of her on my phone, around my cubicle, and I even created an Instagram account dedicated to her (be sure to follow it at @silly_agnes). And when I say I have pictures of her on my phone, what I really meant to say was that all my memory is taken by the photos and videos of her. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have no shame about this. She’s my little polar bear and I want to capture every moment I can.

This leads me to this post. Look at that face!!! I just wanted to share with the world how much I love her. That said, I worry about how I may become when Peter and I have a non-fur baby. But, you know what? Who cares hahahaha.

Until next time!

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