Puppy Shower Love

Those who follow me on Instagram already know that my baby girl, Agnes, is expecting her first litter later in September. Before she heads off to the breeder to have puppies, I wanted to give her a little send-off with the people who love her most. OK, it was really just Peter and my parents, but I still made it as festive as possible.

From things for Agnes to items for our newest edition, Edith, the afternoon was filled with laughs, treats and, of course, cuddles. I couldn’t have done any of this without the amazing ideas I found on Pinterest.

First were the Cricut-cut hearts and bones that decorated the table. Can I just say that I adore my Cricut?! It was probably the best thing I have bought for myself. You think it, you create it, it cuts it for you. It’s a machine after my own heart <3

Anyway, back to the decor. Much to Agnes’s surprise, I filled vases with tennis balls. She kept an eye on them the entire afternoon, just waiting for them to fall or an opening for her to steal one.

While the party was small, we had a fabulous time! We served a delicious chocolate truffle cake from Longos, along with yummy treats for Agnes. And let’s not forget the toys. Thanks to our friends at PetSmart, we purchased some must-need gifts for our impending puppy addition.

We got matching collars for Agnes and Edith from the ED by Ellen DeGeneres collection, along with a new leash. Plus, to be prepared for the teething phase, we picked up these Puppies ‘R’ Us multi-sensory toys.

When all was said and done, it was a fun-filled afternoon with our precious little Agnes and our family. This coming Wednesday, Agnes will be going to the breeder prior to her due date on September 19. I can’t wait to meet the little ones, and I’ll be sure to share photos with you guys once we do a newborn shoot (yes, I’m making this happen hahaha).

Until next time…

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