To my amazing class…

Hi everyone!

I wanted to leave a little note for you here, on the eve of your last day at placement.

First and foremost, I could not be more proud of the incredible PR professionals you have all become. Seeing your wonderful updates on this group and on your Facebook pages makes my heart skip a beat. I know you will all do amazing things in this field, and I can’t wait to see it all unfold!

Secondly, I may be bias, but you will forever be my favourite class. Yes, you may have been my first one, but you have all taught me so much and I can’t wait to put that into practice with my new students in September when I teach Magazine Design. I know, I know, I may have been a bit of a pain in the ass when it came to marking (I’m sorry I loves me my CP Style lol), but I hope I was able to instil the importance of accuracy and double-checking your work. <- That’s my nerd moment for this post.

Moving along…No matter where life takes you, remember that if you ever have any questions, concerns or you just need someone to talk to about life in PR, I’m always here for you. I know some people just say that for the sake of saying it, but I truly mean it. I want to see you all thrive in this amazing field, which I know you all can.

Finally, there will come a time, probably a few times in your career, where you will want to scream, punch a wall, or ugly cry at your desk – this is normal, we all do it. And if people tell you they don’t, they are lying and you should no longer be friends with them (kidding!). Really though, when these times come up, go to the washroom, cry it out, but then go back to your desk and thrive. Remember, everyone makes mistakes, but it is how you rectify them that will make you invaluable to a team. Been there, done that, got a bumper sticker, t-shirt and a promotion out of it (the first two are lies, but the third is very true). Mistakes are where you learn. Don’t be afraid of them.

With all that said, please don’t forget to have fun, live life to the fullest, and enjoy every minute of it! I guess that’s it. You guys will be done your placements in just over 24 hours. After that, the world is you oyster – take advantage of it and seize every opportunity that you can. You are going to kick some serious ass out there!

Your biggest fan,

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