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Peter and I posing while holding Tim Hortons coffee cups to our mouths

An Interview with my Forever Valentine

Feb 11, 20217 min read

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, I thought it would be fun to ask my forever Valentine, Peter, some questions about us. While part of me was curious how much he remembered about our courtship, another part of…

Four different models in various lingerie, with a photo of me in the middle in my bra set during my boudoir shoot

Looking Sexy This Valentine’s Day

Jan 16, 20215 min read

If you’ve watched Mean Girls, you know most likely know the quote, “How many of you feel personally victimized by Regina George?” For the longest time, I would replace the name Regina George with magazines and the media. Why do…

A bunch of electric guitars and a ukulele on stands next to a large shelving unit filled with books and Pop Funkos

One Room Challenge – Guest Room Reveal

Jan 14, 20215 min read

Some may say it’s been a while since I talked about our guest bedroom on the blog, and perhaps it’s taken longer than expected to finish. Others will say that I completely forgot about it and am now scrambling to…

Text reading "Getting my groove back" in white on a dark blue background with a photo of me on the right wearing blue gym clothes and standing in front of a mirror

Getting healthy at home

Jan 6, 20217 min read

Did you really work out if you didn’t take a selfie? Yes, yes you did. This was just…I don’t even know why I took the photo hahaha. This whole quarantine/lockdown life has definitely thrown a wrench into my plans of…

Top view of ground pork on a plate, a bag of paprika, a jar with spaghetti, a can of tomato sauce, two onions, some garlic cloves, a box of beef bouillon, and a package of mushrooms.

Celebrate – National Spaghetti Day!

Jan 4, 20213 min read

Did you know that January 4th is National Spaghetti Day? While it came as a delicious surprise to me, I wanted to celebrate it by sharing my own recipe for this old standby. Being part Italian, there tend to be…